Ubaid Ali Rana | The new music sensation.

Pakistan’s Music Industry is booming again. With Strings & Call making new music to Aaroh and EP’s reunion. A lot is happening! Projects like BIY by Ali Noor and Patari supporting new artists. How wonderful it is, to be able to see all of this happening. Lucky times to be alive if you’re a Pakistani Music fan!

You must be listening to all of this amazing music by these brilliant musicians. Let us add on to that list, one at a time. This time, Ubaid Ali Rana, a guy who was loved at his University for his music performances is now a topic of discussion among people from all over the country. Recently, a song got viral on social media and people started to talk about this young lad who mesmerised millions with his voice. He’s the new music sensation in town! We did a little research about him and found some interesting things to share with you people!

You might know Ubaid as a musician, but a very few of you may know that he is also a medical doctor, that too a graduate of King Edward Medical University. It’s incredible, the way he managed to make such amazing music & kept his passion alive with his tough medical studies. We all know, MEDICAL KI PERHAI is difficult of all. Right?! And bhae! A doctor doing music…. How cool is that!!. What inspired us the most about this guy is his unique soothing sound and the type of music he is doing. As he wrote in an Instagram post that: ‘‘I want my music to be more than mere entertainment. I want it to show you the silver-lining when everything fails.

I want it to serve as hope for someone who is struggling with life or motivate another. Making people grateful of the love they have in life. And maybe, to touch the strings of divinity in one’s heart. I want to talk about topics which are not usually a part of music-literature in our part of the world.’’ That’s amazing, right? Making music more meaningful. Ubaid started pursuing music in 2017, and so far, it’s working amazing for him. He gathered over 50,000 followers on various social media sites. YESS! You too can follow him on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube and stay updated to what he’s up to. And let us assure you that he is upto some great stuff! A week ago, he updated a story about an upcoming song he’s doing, which is called Uraan. Expected to be released soon! Uraan is all about making the most of one’s life. So, the dreamers out there, you shouldn’t miss this one. Keep supporting Pakistani Music!



Ubaid Ali Rana | The new music sensation.
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